Going to the Dogs

Going to the Dogs

No, not another Liddy Post. Although she can take the blame for it happening. Also, I’m writing this post on September 13th. Because the event happened late August, I am backdating it to September 1st just to keep the site timeline in sync.

Olympic Kennel Club 75th Annual Dog Show

Impressive right! 75 years of hosting one of the premier dog shows in the country right here in our little corner of the Northwest.

The Liddy Part

Our first encounter with the OKC was shortly after Liddy came into our lives. June and I were tearing our hair out trying to find some help we could use.

My membership in the Tacoma Photographic Society has helped me improve my photography, so why not a kennel club. OKC had a meeting coming up. We went

We were shocked. This was not what we thought at all. Great bunch of people focused on hosting the premier dog show!

Not what we were after!

We did however, get directed to a training facility and some excellent trainers.

The Tacoma Photographic Part

So on an irregular basis, TPS meets to discuss and plan photo safaris. During one of our recent meetings, the OKC dog show was mentioned. This got immediate attention as one of our members wanted to shoot Disk Dogs. You know, the handler flings out a disk and the dog catches it in the air

I think my photo club buddies were a bit overwhelmed at the size of this endeavor.

The show opens on Wednesday and continues through Sunday. 5 days of dogs!

Saturday and Sunday each had over 1900 competing dogs on the site at the Expo Center in Enumclaw, WA.

A Show Participant

Between working with OKC and TPS, Liddy and I did manage to compete in two Rally Obedience Trials. We qualified in both so we only need one more leg to advance to Rally Obedience Novice B. This will put another title behind her AKC name: Liddy II CGC TKN

CGC – Canine Good Citizen
TKN – Trick Dog Novice

In the dog world its all about the titles.

Show Gallery

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.

Ok then. Here are some of the shots I came away with. I haven’t been able to sort through them all yet so I will probably dribble them out as I do. Please enjoy what turned out to be quite a few Northwest Moments.

The featured image for this post is a composite built up from multiple exposures. I put the camera on high speed release and captured all of the frames. In Photoshop, I stitched them together into this result.

A cool way to show off an action sport with a still medium.

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