Getting ready for the day

This morning I was sitting in the kitchen enjoying my breakfast with a cup of coffee while browsing my favorite WordPress sites.

High on the list is a still life by Jez Braithwaite at Photos by Jez. Turns out he is celebrating a birthday and is showing off the gifts he received. (Happy Birthday Jez.)

Anyway, the photo referenced a competition on another site I follow, Little Pieces of Me. The LPM Photo Adventure. After poking about on those sites I got up to make another cup of coffee and was inspired by the paraphernalia that I use in the process.

The result was virtually a monotone, so I converted to Black and White.

The little round things on the bottom right? Oh. Those are most important. Liddy gets these training treats when she lets me know the kettle is up to temperature. This is one of her jobs as I can’t hear the beep.

Now I feel the need to take a moment to brew another cuppa joe.

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