Family Matters

In the Wet by Dave Scott.

August has become a very busy month. This is because we now have two birthdays to celebrate, and two weddings. Our son Kelly exchanged wedding vows with Nathania ten Wolde on the beach at Sandpoint in Olympic National Park.

This August was also consumed by the grandchildren coming home with us after the wedding. I took each of them to a different place for a camping trip.

The Wedding

To be honest, I don’t to people pictures well.

So, it’s good that Nat and Kelly arranged to have their photographer friends take the photos.

The setting was beautiful. The occasion was overshadowed by COVID and the restrictions in place because of it.

Therefore, it was a small wedding – sixteen guests including the bride and groom, the officiant, and the photographers.

Nat and Kelly plan to do a re-run in 2021 assuming we will be free to move about the globe.

A Camping Trip with Skylar

On our way home from the wedding, we picked up Skylar and Parker from their Mum and Dad.

June kept Parker while Skylar and I drove down to Mt Adams at Takhlakh Lake. I had never been here before and boy am I glad we fixed that. This is a really beautiful place.

And then Parker

A few days later we reversed the arrangement. Parker and I drove up to Roslyn, WA. Roslyn is a former hard rock coal mining town which was made famous when it became the mythical town of Cicely, Alaska from the series Northern Exposure.

We saw a large herd of Roosevelt Elk and went on to the Ginkgo Petrified Forest near Vantage, on the Columbia River.

Family Matters!

Both of these kids are characters and between them, their parents, and now Nat and Kelly…

And we all got together at the end of the month to give up the kids, celebrate the birthdays, and celebrate June and my 46th wedding anniversary.

Well that’s why Family Matters!

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