Fair Time

Last month was rather full, and this month is looking about as frantic. Let me bring you up to date.

Washington State Fair

One of my camera club buddies asked if I would like to work at the State Fair in Puyallup this year. He is involved with the Photo Salon.

I saw it as an opportunity to meet people in the photographic community and earn some pocket money so I took him up on his offer.

Time Sink

Turns out, that this part-time activity has become a major time activity with all of my other commitments such as they are. Thing is that after a few years without a schedule, snapping back into one is a bit of an adjustment.

During the setup, prior to fair opening, there is a lot of physical work. Setting up the display stands. Mounting accepted prints on Matte Board. Mounting the mattes on the stands and putting a piece of glass in front of them.

There was also the judging process for both exhibitions.

Now, the work is to act as a docent at the salon. Making sure the public and the prints don’t get hurt. Harassing Conversing with the visitors to promote the art of photography can be fun. May get a new member or two for Tacoma Photographic Society.


I also entered four of my images into the Northwest International Exhibition of Photography. This one, of Liddy, was accepted and was awarded a Judge’s Choice Award. As only the top 25% of all images entered are accepted, I am quite honored. To win an award on top of that, well major bonus.

Come visit!

The Washington State Fair will continue through September 22nd.

The Photo Salon has been relocated to the west end of the Showplex building near the Coke-a-Cola Stage.

I’m usually working the night shift. Liddy is staying home for this one.

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