Eunice Lake

There is a road on the Northwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park that winds its way up along the Carbon River ending at Mowich Lake. The road is not paved. And as the short season progresses, it becomes quite the washboard.

Liddy and I drove our Prius up to Mowich at the beginning of August. The goal was to hike over to Eunice Lake, and the Tolmie Peak fire tower. We didn’t quite make the tower. I was captured by the view above. When I was happy with my photos, it was getting late and I didn’t want to do the last steep push up to the top. I have saved that for another day.

This is really a very easy hike.

I can walk for miles on a flat path without any issues but put a bit of an incline into it, and the walk becomes quite challenging.
It is really discouraging when little kids go running up the trail past you, or ladies who pass you by while carrying their weeks old baby.
On the other hand, it is really nice for someone to say I’m an inspiration as they are worried they won’t be able to get out and enjoy places like this when they are my age.

Anyway – 6.5 miles, 1010 feet in elevation gain – mostly in the last push to the lookout tower.


I need to point out that Liddy works for me as a Service Dog. The National Parks are less than pet-friendly and you need to be aware of the policy for Pets and Service Animals at Mount Rainier.

If you bring your dog, you had better be willing to deal with the park rangers or collect a citation. You can find the full definition of a Service Dog on the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) website –

You can find a short pamphlet on Service Dogs here as a PDF document


While I was struggling up the trail, a deer spooked us. She came up quite close before Liddy alerted me – I’m quite proud of the fact that while she wanted to give chase, she didn’t bark or strain at the leash – we enjoyed watching the doe for a few minutes until I tried to take a photograph at which point she went about her business.

It’s these kinds of interactions that have led the National Park Service to ban pets. An untrained pet would have behaved quite differently than Liddy, I’m sure.

About the shot

This is an HDR image. The lower right corner was in deep shade, so I had to use HDR techniques to bring it up. I also used a radial filter in this corner to further bring out the detail.

As I get comfortable with hiking alone in the backcountry, I think I will go back to and shoot this later in the evening. I think it could be stunning with the last rays of the sun hitting the mountain. Of course, all of the trees and the lake may be in dark shadow like the rocks in the bottom right.

You view this, and more of my landscape photography by clicking here, on Landscapes Portfolio

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