Columbia Gorge in the Morning

This is the classic view of the Columbia Gorge from the Portland Women’s Forum Viewpoint. Vista House sits high above the river with the colors of sunrise drawing your eye into the frame.

Liddy and I spent the night in our Prius so we could be here for sunrise. And while I don’t think the composition is very remarkable, the opportunity to watch the changing light was more than worth the price.

This is a shot that took some planning. I knew ahead of time that I wanted to capture this view, at this time of day. I looked at the weather and also checked when sunrise would occur. I used an app called PlanIt!

PlanIt! is a great app that is available on Android and IOS. It has a bunch of features and compares well with PhotoPills. I also use The Photographer’s Ephermis which is available as a web app. I mentioned it when i was whining about our lack of planning at Palouse Falls.

Anyone of these apps could be used to plan this shot.

The trick is knowing where the sun will rise and if it will be in the frame when you plant your tripod. In this case, PlanIt! showed me that at sunrise, 7:00 am, the sun would be above right of Vista House. Being at the park at 6:00 gave me plenty of time to get set up.

Next time, I will use a longer lens. This shot is cropped in to the max. There were a lot of pixels that ended in the bit bucket this time. Good enough for posting to the web like this, but not for a print.


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