Cinco d’ Mayo was a good day!

Really it was a great day!

Of course, I paid for it in the morning.

Head hurts. Sore all over. You might think I had been out on a drinking binge.

Well for me, it probably was.

Two glasses of wine, a glass of beer. Yep, for me… today… that’s binge drinking. 😉


We were celebrating. Not Cinco d’ Mayo. (It was May 5th and we were dining at P.F Chang’s.) No, we were celebrating some news we had just received. News that a claim which has been in the works for some months now has been decided in our favor. A small weight lifted! A reason to celebrate!

Let’s start at the beginning of the day.


Of course, if June is involved, there has to be something related to needle and thread.

June, Liddy and I met June’s friend Roxanne, in the Poodle Dog parking lot. We transferred June’s stuff to Roxanne’s car and were away – sounds like a drug deal doesn’t it. The stuff was really June’s sewing machine. She would need it at her Marsha McClintock workshop she and Roxanne were attending up on Mercer Island. Something to do with sleeveless tees and sewing techniques.

The seminar would run all day which left Liddy and I free to ramble.

The Crumpet Shop

The Crumpet Shop
There is a small eatery on 1st between Pine and Pike called The Crumpet Shop. Great for lunch or breakfast!
We pointed Princess Prius north on I5 towards SeaTac. Where we caught the Link Light Rail up to Westlake in Seattle.

I had considered going on to UW to watch the Windermere Cup rowing on the Montlake Cut. Checking the time, I decided that moment was past. It would be next to impossible to claim a good spot so I opted for Pike Place.

I love taking Link into Seattle – costs me $1.00 – no parking fees – no hassle with the traffic – the only way to fly!

Arriving at The Crumpet Shop around 9:30. I ordered breakfast. A crumpet under eggs and salmon with coffee.

The Crumpet Shop is a favorite place for us to start a Seattle ramble. Located in the Sanitary Public Market on 1st, between Pike & Pine. Right adjacent to the Pike Place Market. More important, crumpets are hard to find. Good Crumpets even harder.

The downside to the Crumpet Shop is that it is a small cramped shop. It is very popular. It is very noisy. They have cafeteria-style service – belly up to the bar, put in your order, listen for your name. I found a table for Liddy and my gear. It was, of course, as far from the service counter as one can get and still be in the shop. Not a good combination for me. My selective hearing is pretty much done in this situation.

Fortunately, Liddy has been working on me for some time. Today her training clicked. She heard my name being called and I recognized her alert.

We both enjoyed the crumpet.

Pike Place

Jammin on the Street
Pike Place Starbucks is a jammin’ place on sunny Saturdays.

From the Crumpet Shop, we wandered along Pike Place (that is the street name).
I come here to watch the people. You get to see all kinds. Usually, they are happy, and on a nice day, like it was, everybody wears a smile.

Mercer Slough

Mercer Slough is over on the east side of Lake Washington. After riding the Link back to SeaTac, Princess Prius took Liddy and I to the park in Bellevue where we rambled the trails. A bit early for the blueberries. Wrong time of day for serious landscapes. Good time of day to just enjoy.

Mercer Island

It was getting on towards the time to pick up June from her seminar. Once again into the Princess and on to Mercer Island.
June’s workshop was at the Mercer Island Community Center which was right beside Luther Burbank Park.
This was a first-time visit and we didn’t know there is a dog park here. A very busy dog park. It’s very busy because it is well maintained and it has access to the lake.
Liddy was in heaven! Water! Swimming! Where’s the ball Dad?

A good day

Yep! It was a great day. We collected June and went out for drinks and dinner. P.F. Chang’s did not disappoint.
And I had too much to drink.

Hope you enjoy the gallery, we enjoyed the ramble.

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