Chain of Craters Road

From Volcano House to Holei Sea Arch, Chain of Craters Road will take you through some impressively desolate land. You will descend over 4,000 feet at the Kilauea Caldera down to the Pacific Ocean, a 20-mile drive.

The captions of the images in this gallery tell the story. Hover over each image, or click to open the full screen lightbox.

Don’t pluck the red Lehua, if you wish for weather fair
Tis Pele’s sacred flower, which she guards with jealous care
Her Akuas all are watching, and to her they will complain
For surely as you do it, she sends down the rain

As we were driving down the road, I spotted this Ohia Lehua tree growing out of the rock. There was no other life for a hundred yards around it because of the Lava and yet this tree has managed to put down roots and survive to reach a significant size.

I am always in awe of nature.

For more information about the Ohia Lehua, check out the Waimea Outdoor Circle website. There is a link to a PDF on this projects page which explains the legend around it.

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