The Rutter

According to Wikipedia, a Rutter is a mariner’s handbook of written sailing directions. Any explorer would keep a Rutter, or a log book where they would journal items like:

  • notes and stories about places we have visited
  • instructions on how to repeat an effect applied in Lightroom or Photoshop

It is meant to be our reference manual if you will, which is basically the function of a Rutter.

Another quick update

It was only last week when I described the fun and games we had in August, between computer issues πŸ˜’, a wedding 😍, time with our grandkids 😁, and then settling down to work on this site.


He who dies with the most toys

Northwest Moments.Introducting The Rutter
He who dies with the most toys wins.
Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (August 19, 1919 – February 24, 1990)

I don’t really believe Malcolm Forbes’ maxim, but it is a catchy one isn’t it?

And to a degree, we all practice it.

Myself, I have my cameras, computers, smart phone, tablet, Garmin Inreach, Garmin watch, my Prius, and the list goes on…

This article is an introduction to the toys that I use to bring you this site.

The Evolution Continues

Working in the Office - Liddy checks over her work at the computer

The Evolution Continues

Liddy was reviewing the site the other day and suggested we add galleries that are focused on the places we visit rather than just types of photography.

Northwest Places

And well, maybe some places a little farther afield.

As part of our evolution of this site, we took Liddy’s advice and have organized our galleries by location. Primarily by Province or State, but if the collection becomes too unwieldy, we will subdivide by town on country or some regional designation.

Introducing The Rutter

Northwest Moments.Introducting The Rutter
Not all those who wander are lost
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

A Small Frustration

I have been publishing my photographic work on the web for a number of years now. It is gratifying to receive your likes and comments about my work.

I have been frustrated however, as I haven’t been able to figure out how to present more than just the photos. I want to share some of my learnings about travel and photography. Case in point, our recent trip to Utah and some of their National Parks. I don’t think those posts fit well under the Northwest Moments category.

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