The Rutter

According to Wikipedia, a Rutter is a mariner’s handbook of written sailing directions. Any explorer would keep a Rutter, or a logbook where they would journal items like:

  • instructions on how to repeat an effect applied in Lightroom or Photoshop
  • notes about the gear I’m using while in the field and in the office

It is meant to be our reference manual if you will, which is basically the function of a Rutter.

Of Eagles, Herons and Exposure

Harper Fishing Pier by David Scott.

On Friday, I was over in Seabeck attempting to shoot the eagles who are there in numbers, or were, (I think the midshipman fish migration on Hood Canal is done so the eagles have moved on.)

Anyway, on Friday, Liddy and I were over at Seabeck attempting to shoot bald eagles. The morning tide didn’t drop low enough to reveal all of oyster encrusted beach and the small tide pools that trap the fish making them easy prey for eagles and great blue herons.

The herons did all right. Their long legs allowed them to wade in the deeper water. Eagles. Not so much. The few that I saw were hanging out in the trees around Big Bear Creek waiting for the afternoon tide which would be the much lower tide.

ProPanel Plugin for Photoshop

Spring in Focus by David Scott.

The vernal equinox has just passed. Spring, for those of us north of the equator, has officially begun.

A week or so ago, Liddy and I took a moment to wander along the banks of the White River. The willows were blooming. Their little fuzzy flowers in full show.

Having an engineering bent, I seem to be drawn to details. I took advantage of the Canon R6’s focus stacking feature to capture this willow branch – well 35 different focus points of this willow branch.

My Lightroom Workflow

After returning from a photo shoot or photo expedition, I will have hundreds if not thousands of images to process. This article describes the steps I go through to move my images from my camera into my catalog.

I assume you are using Lightroom Classic (LRc) – different from Lightroom (LR) (the cloud-based version). Also, I assume you already have LRc installed on your computer or laptop.

Photography is Simplification

Photography is an art form that provides its greatest impact when the image is simple. When all non-essential elements have been removed and what remains is the essence of the story.

What I am trying to accomplish with this site is to present my work for those who care. That’s all. I’m not trying to sell images or workshops – not that I would be offended if asked – I am just putting my work on display to the world.

I feel I have over engineered this site. I have added too many bells and whistles so… its time to get out the razor and cut out some of the stuff that is in the way.

About Color Space or Profiles

Liddy on the March by David Scott.

Frequently, in our photo competitions at the Tacoma Photographic Society, makers have comments like “My image was brighter on my screen at home.”

99.9% of the time the issue is likely caused by the maker exporting the image to an incorrect color space or color profile.

If you are exporting an image to be displayed on a website, it is absolutely critical that you choose the correct color space.

There is only one: sRGB.

Table Mountain Reflections

Reflection of Table Mountain #5 by David Scott.

This photograph captures the reflections of Table Mountain in a small tarn, Austin Pass Lake, near the Artists Point Visitor’s Center at Heather Meadows. Liddy and I were beginning a six-mile hike around the Chain Lakes Loop on our first visit to the Mount Baker National Recreation Area.

But hey. This article is not about the hike, it’s about getting to this photograph. I learned to see a little better as I improved the impact of my subject, the reflections in the tarn.

He who dies with the most toys

He who dies with the most toys wins.
Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (August 19, 1919 – February 24, 1990)

I don’t really believe Malcolm Forbes’ maxim, but it is a catchy one isn’t it?

And to a degree, we all practice it.

Myself, I have my cameras, computers, smart phone, tablet, Garmin Inreach, Garmin watch, my Prius, and the list goes on…

This article is an introduction to the toys that I use to bring you this site.

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