Northwest Moments

Moments captured Northwest of Somewhere.

Lower Calf Creek Falls - The end to our hike. A lovely little waterfall with a great swimming hole - Liddy thought so - I thought it to be a bit chilly

A Utah Adventure: Part 4, Lower Calf Creek Falls

By Northwest standards, Lower Calf Creek Falls is about a 5 or 6. We can find waterfalls on just about any road in the Cascade Mountains.

It is however, a very pretty spot. In the summertime, I bet the pool is just as crowded with kids as any backyard pool. The emerald green water is so enticing.

Rainbow Planet -

Bubble Mania

This evening I was playing with bubbles

Not the ones in the bathtub, rather some larger ones which have to be inflated to get to the size I wanted.

First Garter Snake of 2020 - Snakes are fascinating and pretty.

Snakes are fascinating

Snakes are fascinating Liddy pointed out this little guy as we were returning from our walk the other day. She was sniffing the ground as she does and then did a levitation maneuver. Her entire body sprang up and back. I suspect the snake moved and she didn’t expect it.

Before the Grind -

Time for Coffee

Time for Coffee I got greedy with this one. 18 images, aperture at f/5.6 Photoshop churned on this one for almost an hour while I enjoyed breakfast. If you look closely (not too closely) you will find a number of places in the image where the blending didn’t work so well.

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