A Northwest Moment

Please enjoy these images that make up my PhotoBlog. Sometimes I may add a bit of the back story to the shot.


Framing the shot - Pike Place Market. A visitor frames up a shot while being careful not to spill the coffee.

Street Shooting

Saturday saw Liddy and I in the company of a bunch of Tacoma Photographic Society Photo Nuts. We all hopped on the Link Light Rail at Angle Lake Station and rode up to Westlake where we spent the morning on the street.

Red on White - Indian paintbrush amongst a meadow of daises swaying in a light breeze.

Red on White

Last week Liddy and I made a quick run south to Mt. Saint Helens. The weather forecast promised sun with clouds. It had the potential for a stellar sunset. Nothing ventured, nothing gained they say. We hopped into the Prius and headed south. We stopped in Olympia for a sandwich and to fillup the Prius. …

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Iris By the Pond - Some yellow irisis show spring colors on the edge of a pond.

Iris’s by the pond

In my previous post, Going Wild, I talked about Sumner Meadows and how it is … well … Going Wild. There are a number of ponds, and this one has Iris’s growing in a location I would not have expected. It was, of course, the splash of yellow that caught my eye.

Going Wild - A planting of trees shows off spring leaves by a pond in what was once a small golf course.

Going Wild

Woke up the other day to see a light fog outside the window. After rinsing the eyeballs to make sure that wasn’t the problem we jumped in the Prius and ran down to Sumner Meadows to see if we could find a shot.

Tipsoo Lake, Late May - Tipsoo Lake is still covered in snow and ice in late May. Highway 410 was opened through Chinook Pass the previous week so it was time for a drive.

Tipsoo Lake, Late May

Mt Rainier in the Spring is stunning with its pristine white dress of snow. I love to drive up to Chinook Pass shortly after the highway (Washington SR 410) is reopened after a long cold winter. It is one of the more Picturesque highways in the Cascades I think.

Colorful Cabooses - Liddy poses in front of the Caboose Cottages in Elbe. This is part of the Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad

May Day

Yesterday was May 1st. May Day. Yesterday was also a gorgeous day for a drive and a perfect day to complete a project our Grandaughter, Skylar’s teacher assigned to us. (Us? Assignment?) So Skylar’s class has just finished reading the tale of Flat Stanley. The project was to create a Flat Skylar and send it …

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