Up in Smoke

You know when things are serious when you get phone calls from concerned friends who live 1000 miles away 😍

Fortunately, the wildfire that was consuming the hillside behind the smoke was not near enough to our house to force us into evacuation mode. Others in our town didn’t fare so well 😪

Our wildfire was happening at the same time as those in southern Oregon and California. We just added a little bit more to the media fire.

The cause of the fire was attributed to an electrical transformer being blown down during a windstorm.

Mask Up

It’s April 2020 – COVID syndrome is setting in. Well, actually, the reality of COVID is setting in and the realization that we should be wearing some Personal Protective Equipment – PPE.

June and her sewing friends made over three hundred face masks and donated them to the employees of Orchard Foods in Port Orchard, WA. Orchard Foods is a franchisee of Taco Bell, and KFC fast food restaurants. Our daughter, Leah, is a senior manager on the KFC side of their business.

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Utah Walkabout – Arches NP

From Calf Creek I had thought to drive north to Goblin Valley State Park and spend the night there on the way to Moab and Arches National Park. Unfortunately, COVID was closing in on us and shutting down most options for tourism. I found a notice on a bulletin board out in the desert proclaiming that the county health departments of the south east counties of Utah had closed all accommodation. This including campgrounds, so the State Park was done 😥

On reaching the town of Green River, on Interstate 70, I was able to verify that Arches National Park was still open to visitors so we pressed on to Moab.

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Utah Walkabout – Kodachrome and Calf Creek

Kodachrome Basin State Park is a fascinating study in colors and shapes. The campground is at the top of the basin and provides access to many great trails amongst the hoodoos. When the sun is right, the basing will just light up with color. Not the case when Liddy and I visited this time, but the rock formations were fascinating.

From Kodachrome Basin, we move on to the Calf Creek Recreation Area. Liddy and I stayed the night here. In the morning we walked up the creek to the Lower Calf Creek Falls. This hike was my most enjoyed location on this walkabout.

Calf Creek is located in the canyon in our featured image here. Rounding the corner and seeing this sight in the early evening light… Well I had to stop the car and shoot the photo – for me, it is a stunningly beautiful location.

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Utah Walkabout – Zion NP

It was the beginning of the time… The time of COVID…

After months of anticipation Liddy and I were going to a Landscape Photography Conference in Kanab Utah. Keynote speaker, Art Wolfe.

We had booked an overnight escorted tour to Alstrom Point, overlooking Lake Powell for the day before the conference. It was scheduled on a moonless night at the time of year when the Milky Way would be prominent in the sky.

We were excited… But it was March… It was the beginning of COVID…

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