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Peles Brew by David Scott.

Pele’s Brew

From the Kilauea Overlook in Hawaii Volcanos National Park.
Wait until after the sun has set – say about three and a half hours. The glow from the lava lake 1700 feet below lights up the gasses venting from the volcano.
At this time, the edge of the caldera is considered unstable. Access is restricted. There is no place around the rim where you can safely see the actual lava flowing into the 400 foot deep pool of lava at the bottom.

Our Water Girl by David Scott.

Our Water Girl

Liddy carried our water while we were out hiking yesterday in the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. It is a great place to go on a short adventure, but… there are long stretches through the lava fields. If the sun is out, you will be burned. If the sun is out, you will be parched.

On this day it was overcast so we didn’t use all of the water. Only half of it.

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