We like to explore.
These are the photos and stories of our explorations.

Eight Points in Camp by David Scott.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

The last moment I shared with you, Fossils, Beehives, and Pronghorns, had us arriving at Page Springs Recreation Area which is located at the south end of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, near Frenchglen.

On our drive south along Oregon205, we saw a herd of elk, some coyotes, and lots of mule deer. Late October, early November seems to be the time to view the deer.

Columbia Morning by David Scott.

Fossils, Beehives, and Pronghorns

Late last October, we were planning to go east to either Glacier National Park or Yellowstone. I had ordered a Canon R6, a rental, to give the new mirrorless camera a go before plunking down the money.

Well, the camera didn’t make it, and my trip was delayed so I decided to change our destination and head south to Oregon’s Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge. I’m not sorry we did.

Surf Paparazzi by David Scott.

Watching Water

The sport of wave watching might be a better title 😋

We do have a lot of expensive glass brought to bear on the subject, especially during the King Tides of November, December, and January. This collection of surf images was captured in September, (when the weather and light was awesome) and in November (when the rain was pelting down.) And again, in December.

The weather was so nice in December that Liddy and I took a couple of hours to go walking on the beach on the north side of the park. But that’ is another story.

Click through to see some of the surf that the crowd comes to capture.

Mt Shuksan and Artists Point -

Chain Lakes Loop Hike

September brought more challenges to 2020. Local wildfires combined with smoke from those in Oregon and California conspired to keep us hunkered down in our homes avoiding the less than fresh air.

With October, the local fires were controlled. Oregon and California’s contribution to our air pollution from their fires was tolerable. Aside from the haze, the skies were clear, the temperatures warm. Too nice not to pick up the camera gear and go on an adventure.

Farmhouse in the Haze by David Scott.

Up in Smoke

You know when things are serious when you get phone calls from concerned friends who live 1000 miles away 😍

Fortunately, the wildfire that was consuming the hillside behind the smoke was not near enough to our house to force us into evacuation mode. Others in our town didn’t fare so well 😪

Our wildfire was happening at the same time as those in southern Oregon and California. We just added a little bit more to the media fire.

The cause of the fire was attributed to an electrical transformer being blown down during a windstorm.

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