A Northwest Moment

Please enjoy these images that make up my PhotoBlog. Sometimes I may add a bit of the back story to the shot.


Lower Calf Creek Falls - The end to our hike. A lovely little waterfall with a great swimming hole - Liddy thought so - I thought it to be a bit chilly

A Utah Adventure: Part 4, Lower Calf Creek Falls

By Northwest standards, Lower Calf Creek Falls is about a 5 or 6. We can find waterfalls on just about any road in the Cascade Mountains.

It is however, a very pretty spot. In the summertime, I bet the pool is just as crowded with kids as any backyard pool. The emerald green water is so enticing.

Rainbow Planet -

Bubble Mania

This evening I was playing with bubbles

Not the ones in the bathtub, rather some larger ones which have to be inflated to get to the size I wanted.

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