Burn Out

Surviving firs stand in stark shilouette above Multnomah Falls. The Eagle Creek wildfire 2 years previous almost claimed all of the forest around the falls. You can see some people standing on an overlook to the left where scorched trees are standing. This cleared area is where the dead ones have been removed.

Why do we have to be so stupid? And why do we have to be so irresponsible in our youth?

Here it is, noon on a March, Monday, and the parking lot is full. The Historic Columbia River Highway is blocked by stupid people waiting to get a parking lot – took me over half an hour to get by. Came back to the parking off of the interstate and had no problem.

People just don’t think!

So… my advice. If you want to shoot Multnomah Falls, get there early and approach from the interstate. Or better yet, by bus or on foot. As a Gentleman of Lesiure, I can plan to visit on a week day.

Liddy at Multnoma Falls. We moved higher up the path to shoot this portrait and get the full falls in.

Liddy and I walked up over the bridge looking for an interesting compostion. Because the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge is always in shadow, lighting is either even, or black. The even light is great for waterfalls because you are less likely to blow out the highlights.

Do take a moment to visit if you are near Portland. Even with the crowds, the drive along the Gorge is always rewarding. Even in the rain.

So this was our last stop on our March Columbia Gorge adventure. I hope you enjoyed taking a moment to look as much as we enjoyed the moments it took to take them.

6 thoughts on “Burn Out”

    1. It was from the parking lot off of the freeway – there is a large field – I don’t recommend even trying to get to the parking lot by the lodge – people were just parking in the highway waiting for a slot that wasn’t opening – backed up the highway for quite a ways – dangerous.

      1. We always park at the freeway parking lot and never had trouble finding a place. That was just a different perspective on the falls…a good one too. Thanks for getting back to me.

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