Bubble Mania

Rainbow Planet -
Rainbow Planet -

Bubble Mania

This evening I was playing with bubbles

Not the ones in the bathtub, rather some larger ones which have to be inflated to get to the size I wanted.

The Set - The lens cap off of the camera end full of soapy water.

I started this exercise by finding a shallow black dish to hold some soap. The cap from the camera end of a lens was put into service.

Then I made a soap solution – 3 parts water – 1 part dish soap. Need to get some glycerin if I do this again. It will increase the viscosity so that the bubbles last longer.

I used a straw to create and inflate the bubbles.

Rainbow Umbrella - This shoot through umbrella setup didn't work as well as I had hoped. It did show the need for a large even light source however

Next, find a good light source.

This was what happens when you use a shoot through umbrella. The ribs from my umbrella are being reflected by the bubble.

Cool, but not the effect I was looking for.

The lesson here is that the light has to be big and have a consistent texture. A large light box would work well.

Swimming in a Rainbow -

Compound patterns caused by the smaller bubbles aroung the bottom of the larger one.

The imperfections in the big bubble look like tadpoles swimming across a rainbow.

All of these shots were taken with a 100mm Macro Lens.

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