A Seattle Weekend

We had a window of opportunity and clear skies, so we headed up to Seattle to shoot the town and the University of Washington.

Skipping Christmas

We’ve been distracted… We skipped through Christmas Welcome to 2018. Lots of exciting things in the works!


Geese landing on Levee Pond


There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.

Pike Market, September 2017

Pike Market, September 2017 Last week Liddy and I spent a few hours at Pike Place Public Market in Seattle. We like to take Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail from Angle Lake in Tukwila up to Westlake Center. Then we walk down to the market on Pine Street.

A Gentleman of Leisure

Dave retired at the end of August. Those of you who are already in that position know it brings along lots of opportunities. This is our first post in our new site.