Aspen Groves

Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park

Our featured image is of the a young and an old Ponderosa Pine surrounded by a copse of Aspens in their fall finery. There is something about the two pine trees that speaks to me.

The location in general…
Well the location is absolutely gorgeous! And the park. The park was an unexpected delight.

This shot of the lake, thank you Liddy, gives you an idea. I can’t do the place justice. We will just have to come back next year.

Aspen Safari Recap

This wraps up our three day adventure in British Columbia. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Liddy and I certainly enjoyed discovering these locations and we will have to come back next fall. And next fall we will be using Kentuky Alleyne Provincial Park as our base of operations.

Last evening we stayed at Osprey Lake. It was a favorite of ours when our daughter was only one year old. The forestry campsite we used to stay at is still there but the mountain across the lake has been logged.

The drive in to Osprey Lake is still lovely, but not a lot of Aspen. From Osprey we continued out to Okanagan Lake reaching Highway 97 at Summerland. We drove north to Peachland and took the Coquihalla Connector, Highway 97c back to Merritt. This route was a waste of time because we there were no significant vistas to shoot. At least not what we were looking for this trip.

Route Map

The map below shows the roads we traveled, and some of the places we visited along the way.


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