Around Kanab – Outsiders Part 2

The Outsiders Photography Conference was a Friday, Saturday, Sunday event which consumed pretty much all of our time.

The speakers – especially Art Wolfe – were excellent. We will put the OPC on our calendar for next year.

We got out in the evening to walk and explore. Here is what we found

A Small Town

Kanab as a destination is… well… not much. Kanab as a staging point… Excellent.

We have Zion NP, Grand Canyon, North Rim, Bryce Canyon and Staircase Escalante NM all within an easy drive. If you want to central location in South Utah, this should be high on your list.

Local trails

On Saturday evening Liddy and I took a short walk along the K-Hill trail. This is a wide, easy path cut into the side of the mesa/cliffs on the northeast side of town. It takes you up above the town and gives you some nice views.

I was trying out a new Sony RX100 camera that I won as a door prize. Liddy was “enjoying” her new Rex Specs goggles. We got these for her because she loves to stick her nose into bushes and such – I’m always afraid she is going to poke her eye – We also got them for UV protection when we go hiking in the mountains at home.

The Toadstools

After getting my laundry done, and my bags packed ready for checkout on Monday, we drove about 45 miles east to a place called The Toadstools. This is a short hike in from the highway where there are a number of hoodoos that look like… well… toadstools.

The appeal of this location was the opportunity to shoot the night sky. The area around Grand Staircase Escalante is great for night photography because there is very little light pollution.

I was glad Liddy was with me on this adventure because finding my way back to the car on a dark, moonless night where everything looks like sand… well, it was challenging. She has a great nose.

Moqui Caves

On our way north, leaving Kanab, we stopped at the Moqui Caves. This is a small challenge to scramble up some small sandstone cliffs. Excitement for the kids in your group. As you can see, Liddy had no problem scampering up and trotting into the caves.

Note that there are two sets of caves. The commercial ones are just north of these. We did not visit that business as we had a date with some slot canyons and sand dunes. – Our next moment – stay tuned…

On the Map

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