Another quick update

It was only last week when I described the fun and games we had in August, between computer issues 😒, a wedding 😍, time with our grandkids 😁, and then settling down to work on this site.


I said I was going to use Instagram more and bring my images from there to here through linking and embedding.

Well, that isn’t going to work so well as the Instagram-Lightroom plugin is broken. (Shows how much I have been posting to Instagram as its been broken since July)

So, I have had to develop another process. My process is now pretty much in place, so I turned my attention back to this site and have decided my first plan isn’t particularly good so. Back to the way I have been working.

This took up a lot of my time last week, along with getting the Tacoma Photographic Society competitions setup.

Then, it was the Labor Day Weekend. That was last weekend. Labor Day was quickly followed by a windstorm that didn’t do much except bring a lot of smoke from the other side of the Cascades into the Puget Sound. Oh, and blow down power poles start wildfires in our neighborhood kill the power for a day and a half along with silencing our cable service and internet for two days.

Not a lot of distractions this past week 😁

We are outside the evacuation zone for our neighborhood wildfire, but the smoke is more than annoying. We have the house closed up, but it is going to be hot today. We will want to run the AC this afternoon… Going to be… Well it’s going to be 💩.

I’d pack up the camera and head out on a road trip, but there is nowhere that I can think of that is not affected by the smoke.

Oh well, we will just have to hunker down and see what damage I can do to all of my websites.

Thanks for the moment…

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