Another Poi’pu Sunrise

I was reviewing my Poi’pu images one more time when I came across this one. The splash of a wave in front of the condos, just right of center caught my eye.

Amazing that the sea can throw itself around so hard in one spot while looking so calm everywhere else.

In case you are wondering – this is an HDR image. I almost always have my camera set to shoot multiple exposures – memory cards are big and cheap these days.

Because I had the multiple exposures to work with, I was able to brighten the ridge with all of the condos and palms – I think it needs this to provide context. Oh and if it wasn’t brightened, you might miss the splash that caught my eye to begin with.

The sky – well I may have overdone it… – I like the fire of a rising sun in the clouds. It would be better if it were more pink me thinks. On checking the time for sunrise on this date, at this place, 6:43 am, and comparing it to the time recorded by the camera, 6:53 am, I guess all of the pink was gone.

In my previous post, Sunrise at Po’ipu Beach, you can see the hint of pink in the clouds just above the horizon. What a difference 5 minutes makes.

You have to be quick in the tropics.

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