Aloha from The Big Island

Well, we have been home from Hawaii for a week now. The snow is gone, the weather forecast calls for warmer days, and there is life in the garden.

June, Liddy and Dave made the extremely hard decision (not) to take an extended holiday and enjoy the Aloha hospitality of Hawaii. If we are supposed to limit our travel around the Northwest, then, we thought; why not escape it altogether. We can fly to paradise. Stay in a condo. Enjoy the tropical waters and rainforests. Dine in open air restaurants. Or we could continue to mope about our house waiting for spring.

No brainer I’d say. Read on for a recap and enjoy the photo gallery at the end of this post.

Here we go again

Here We Go Again by David Scott.
Liddy is camped out on the floor of our airplane awaiting our latest adventure.

So, Liddy’s three-year titer test for Rabies Free Hawaii ๐Ÿ”— was going to expire on February first which made the timing simple. Leave the last week of January. Take, what, four weeks? Let’s go.

In these days of the Covid Pandemic, travelling isn’t as simple as it used to be. In addition to getting Liddy all squared away with our vet and a vet in Kona, June and I had to get a Covid test 72 hours prior to departure to Hawaii.

On arriving in Kona, we were provided with another Covid test. My nostrils thank you๐Ÿ˜ฎ.

On the other hand, our flight into Kona out of Portland was only half full. Liddy and I enjoyed three seats to ourselves on the flight over.

A good time enjoy Aloha

Hawaiian Sunset Number One by David Scott.

Right now, is probably the best time to make an escape to Hawaii. Because most people are hesitant to travel, and because of the restrictions, the usual tourist crush is not as great.

Resort utilization is down, I was told about 40% capacity mid-week at our resort, which makes costs to you quite reasonable.

As far as safety is concerned, everyone wears a mask. Even when pumping gas at Costco. Everyone keeps the mask up over their nose. Everyone uses hand sanitizer when entering an establishment. Everyone is smiling just the same.

Yes, these safety measures are mandated by the state and the county health departments, but everyone seems to accept the requirement as just something we need to do to keep the virus under control. Such a marked difference compared to here in Bonney Lake.

The view from the Lanai.

Dedicated to the Fabric Arts by David Scott.

Because of the warm weather, the restaurants are mostly open air. The breezes are constantly moving the air, so we were able to enjoy lunch and dinner with a view of the ocean and no worry about the air conditioning recirculating stuff.

Because June knew she would suffer withdrawal symptoms if she didn’t have a chance to sew while we were gone, she packed her Singer Featherweight and some projects.

Sewing outdoors on the Lanai was hard to take she said. Will need to do this again ๐Ÿ˜.

Kohala and the North End

Kohala Coffee Mill Cafe by David Scott.

As we have been to The Big Island several times before, we weren’t really in any hurry to see all the sites. When we did venture out, we went north because Kohala is an area we had not explored as much.

Surface Running by David Scott.

It being February, it was prime whale watching season. We did see the whales leaping out of the water and breaching. A magnificent site. But all I have to show is why they are called humpbacks, and that they have big tails.

Tailslap by David Scott.
Mona Kea in the clouds by David Scott.

I do like this shot of Mona Kea that I captured from just north of Kawaihae on highway 270. You can clearly see the observatories atop the mountain surrounded by a fresh layer of snow.

The Gallery

Not all photos have GPS coordinates, but most do. You can see the location where the shot was taken by clicking the Map Icon in the Lightbox.

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