About Northwest Moments

Do you really want to know?

Ok then… This is Liddy. She is sitting quite patiently for me to snap this photo in front of the Vista House. She and I have become a team especially since I retired from a career in IT.

I don’t particularly like the term retired. I think a life change is more appropriate. Now that the constraints of working at the corporate grindstone have been removed, I have some freedom to get out and explore. Liddy travels with me all the time, and my wife, June, some of the time.

When I grow up I want to be…

Well, I guess I want to be a Landscape & Nature Photographer. We might as well throw in some travel and street photography from time to time also.

I enjoy sharing. It’s nice to be able to show people new stuff. This site provides me with a channel to do that and I hope you find some of it useful.

What’s here?

So I have created a number of galleries where I have collected some of my work.

There are stories. Stories about photography and technology. Stories are meant to be instructional. How I got the shot. How I use Lightroom or Photoshop. How I broke my network. Those kinds of things.

Finally, there are the Moments. Most of these moments are captured here in the Pacific Northwest. The place I call home. I hope you enjoy viewing these moments as much we do in making them.

Dave Scott

& Liddy

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