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Northwest Moments

Northwest Moments is the home of Dave Scott Photography. He thought Northwest Moments was a much better name for our site as we love and live in the Pacific Northwest.

Dave would like you to relax and enjoy his work and his stories. You will find his work organized into Galleries: Landscapes; Seascapes; Animals; Birds; Flowers and Plants; Urban Landscapes; and Liddy.

You will find his stories in his personal blog, The Rutter. The stories here are about the images he has captured, the locations he has been to. Please take a moment to comment.


Dave Scott

Dave is a retired computer geek who loves to get out and explore the Pacific Northwest. He travels with his camera and his companion, Liddy, in a red Prius affectionately known as Princess.



Liddy is an Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shephard Mix.
She is more than a pretty face. Liddy works as Dave’s Signal Dog.
(A signal dog is a service dog that alerts to sounds that its handler can’t hear)