A Utah Adventure: Part 4, Lower Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls - The end to our hike. A lovely little waterfall with a great swimming hole - Liddy thought so - I thought it to be a bit chilly

The Trail

Calf Creek Falls is on a lot of lists of places to go. It is an easy hike which was one of the features that attracted me.

The Lower Calf Creek Falls Recreation Area is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management. There are 12 camp sites here and a group area. Very nice place along the creek. Lots of trees and shelter from the summer sun, if not the heat. We were here in March, so the weather was great.

On the way to Lower Calf Creek Falls

So, off we went. It occurred to me that if I hooked into Liddy’s vest, she could assist me up some of the steeper parts of the trail. She didn’t seem to mind.

Lower Calf Creek Canyon

As you progress up the canyon, there are a number of beaver ponds and marshes. Highway 12 is up on the canyon rim on the right. Our trail follows the creek deeper into the canyon on the left.

Trail to Lower Calf Creek Falls

And yes, the trail does get a bit narrow in spots.

There was a group of 3 or 4 boys who spent the night camping near the falls. They told me it was really nice, and they had a very enjoyable evening under the stars.

A Great Room

This arch towers over the east wall of the Canyon. I was struck by the lines flowing vertically down the sandstone walls contrasting with those circular patterns in the ceiling at the back.

Lower Calf Creek Falls

By Northwest standards, Lower Calf Creek Falls is about a 5 or 6. We can find waterfalls on just about any road in the Cascade Mountains.

It is however, a very pretty spot. In the summertime, I bet the pool is just as crowded with kids as any backyard pool. The emerald green water is so enticing.

I did mention that it was mid-March when we were there didn’t I. Water was a wee bit chilly. Liddy didn’t mind, however. Come on dad… throw the stick in the water again!

Onward to Goblin Valley

According to the All Trails App, the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail is 5.5 miles long, out and back. It’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours in the morning.

Once back at the Prius, we loaded up and headed out. Onwards towards Moab and Arches National Park. Goblin Valley State Park had come highly recommended so that was on the list also.

Things change, however.

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