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We were in Florida for the first two weeks of December. It was great!

The first week was at Cape Canaveral. It was quiet because … well because it was the first week of December. The locals thought it was cold – lows of 60 Fahrenheit – hey it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing. It was great!

Liddy and I got away one morning to visit the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. This is a huge chunk of swamp that was put aside to protect the Kennedy Space Center from encroaching development. If you want to see Alligators and exotic birds in the wild, this is one of the premier sites to visit.

Which is better?

The image below … two long-legged waders. A Great Egret, perched in a bush staring to the right. A Great Blue Heron standing in the water, also staring to the right.

An Egret and a Heron study the distance in a lagoon near Boggy Pond at Merritt Island NWR

Compared to this image, below, which is just the Great Blue Heron. A simpler composition. Of the two, my photography friends prefer this one. Most other people I ask usually chose the one above with the two birds.

A Heron studies the distance in a lagoon near Boggy Pond at Merritt Island NWR

Which one do you like?

2 thoughts on “A Question…”

  1. The bottom one with one bird. The single bird is larger and makes a single spot to focus your attention.

  2. I like the single bird, less distractions and better able to enjoy the bird and water reflections

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