A Gentleman of Leisure

Welcome back

In case you haven’t noticed, we have been off the air for a bit. We haven’t finished moving yet, but we want to give you a heads up alert.

And we moved … why?

So Dave left his employer in August and has become a *Gentleman of Leisure.

Gentleman of Leisure. A man who derives a living from their own financial assets or has other sources of irregular income leaving them financially secure without any typical employment, duties, or financial responsibilities. (Urban Dictionary)

So much better than retired, don’t you think.

More photographic opportunities

With the change, we plan to expand the scope of *A Northwest Moment. In addition to the local photography, we will be free to travel further afield. This presents more photographic opportunities.

Areas of interest

Being a Gentleman of Leisure, I will have more time to spend on activities I enjoy so expect to see articles about things other than pretty places.

New layout

With the change in venue (we have changed to a new hosting provider) we have a lot more things we can do with the site. The first thing we have done is add galleries. You may have noticed the item on the menu.
Like any new construction, the product isn’t complete with this post. At this time, I feel the headings are screaming at me. Some tuning is required. Fortunately there is some ability to do that with this theme.

More to come

OK. Liddy says its time for us to go out
June says its time to clean the garage

Please enjoy the moments to come

ps. I have no idea if the turtle is gentleman or gentlewoman. I just think they are cool in the way they glide through the ocean.

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