A Brief Update

It has been a while since I have posted to this site. – Apologies to my followers. – It has been a fun filled time 😊 and a frustrating time 😒

Computer Troubles

July was a battle with my computer which ended when HP replaced the mother board and battery on my laptop. It was also a battle with a new USB hub from Plugable which ended with a replacement. All a pain in the ass.

Social Calendar

August was a wedding (my son’s) and two weeks with grandchildren. The wedding took place at Lake Ozette on the Pacific Coast of Olympic National Park. I took each of my grandchildren camping, one each week.

With my granddaughter, we went to Takhlakh Lake, near Mt Adams. The wildflowers in the alpine meadows were awesome.

My grandson and I went to Roslyn and Vantage. If you ever watched Northern Exposure, then you may know that Roslyn was the location for Cicely, Alaska.

Great fun for all.

Site Evolution

Now that I am back and working to process my photos and this blog, I am seeing some things I should do differently.

Rather than post single images to the Moments archive, I am going post those images to Instagram. The images will show here through a link I will create to a Moments page which will replace the Moments archive. That page will be linked to Instagram such that my latest posts there will be displayed.

I believe this approach will provide better visibility for my work and this site. We shall see.

Another change I am toying with is to the home page. I am auditioning a carousel gallery plugin and a graphic menu arrangement. My thinking is that the home page should be dynamic, and the menu offerings more compelling. Again, we shall see.


My Instagram feed has been horribly neglected. I need to do some curating before setting up the link.

The carousel plugin is missing a major feature before I will implement it and, again, I need to do some curating of the images I will post to it and the menu structure.

So… These changes will take a week or so to implement.

As always, thanks for sharing your moment – Dave

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