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What an interesting year 2020 has been...

What is this???

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Now, let's get the sad news out of the way...
Tony Scott - August 3rd, 2019 by Dave Scott.
Tony Scott, my older brother, passed away on November 19, 2020. He was 71 years young. (August 2nd, 1949)

Because of this dammed pandemic, we were unable to see him before he passed. We were unable to join the rest of the family at his bedside in North Vancouver. Wendy, Tony's wife, and my sister, tells me that all his family were with him when he passed. Susan Scott (sister), Peter Scott (younger brother), Ryan Scott (Tony's son), the dogs, and his great friend Ken Robinson.

Tony's passion was rugby. They say you need leather balls to play rugby. Tony definitely had leather balls! He was a founding member of the Capilano Rugby Club in North Vancouver. He made the Canadian Rugby Team on a number of occasions.

He had a reputation.

While living in Grand Prairie Alberta, our daughter Leah came home from the bar and told us there was a ruby tournament in town. She had struck up a conversation with a fellow from an Edmonton team. She mentioned her uncle played the game. He asked who he was. She said Tony Scott. The fellow's eyes widened, he made some excuse, and that was the last of that conversation.

Tony was gruff - he could be an asshole - he was always compassionate.

He and I didn't have a lot in common. He was into his sports; I was into technology. We did enjoy getting together a couple of times a year for family events. The wider family in the summer and just the four of us with our families at Christmas. We would enjoy a drink together while he smoked his cigar.

Needless to say, neither event happened this year - dammed covid!

Today is New Year's Eve. Brother, I won't join you in a cigar, but I will lift my glass high in remembrance. Scrum Down Tony Scott! Good game. We will see you in the club house.

Tony Scott - August 2nd, 1949 - November 19, 2020 - My brother
Moving on to happier events - It's relative - this is about 2020.

The Puyallup Cluster

Yep, this article is about my dog. The Puyallup Cluster is a dog show, not that other kind of cluster.

Anyway, Liddy and I came away with a collection of ribbons and a desire to do more. To add to our collection. It was January after all.

Read more
Quite the Collection by David Scott.

Surf's Up!

Liddy and I have been down to Cape Disappointment, at the mouth of the Columbia River, several times this year. We go down to shoot the surf but there are also the beaches.

This article is from our February trip.

Read more on the website

Watching Water

is a similar article of our September, November, and December trips.

Oh yeah, we are going again for the King Tides in January.

Lets Fly! by David Scott.
A Bouquet of Spray by David Scott.

Cosplay Pacific Northwest

Just as 2019 was ending, June and her friends started a new chapter of the American Sewing Guild. The chapter is a special interest chapter with the interest being Costumes. Cosplay, Theater, Halloween; it's all-in scope for this group.

They had two in person meetings this year and Covid shut them down. But! Like a lot of other organizations, Cosplay PNW went virtual with meetings with our new friend Zoom.

Find out more on their website, 🌐

Mask Up

Be Safe - Be Strong by David Scott.
It's April 2020 - COVID syndrome is setting in. Well, actually, the reality of COVID is setting in and the realization that we should be wearing some Personal Protective Equipment - PPE.

June and her sewing friends made over three hundred face masks and donated them to the employees of Orchard Foods in Port Orchard, WA. Orchard Foods is a franchisee of Taco Bell, and KFC fast food restaurants. Our daughter, Leah, is a senior manager on the KFC side of their business.

Read more on the website

Family Matters

In the Wet by Dave Scott.
August has become a very busy month. This is because we now have two birthdays to celebrate, and two weddings. Our son Kelly exchanged wedding vows with Nathania ten Wolde on the beach at Sandpoint in Olympic National Park.

This August was also consumed by the grandchildren coming home with us after the wedding. I took each of them to a different place for a camping trip.

Read more on the website

Up in Smoke

Farmhouse in the Haze by David Scott.
You know when things are serious when you get phone calls from friends who live a thousand miles away 😍 Fortunately, the wildfire that was consuming the hillside behind the smoke was not near enough to our house to force us into evacuation mode. Others in our town didn't fare so well 😪 Our wildfire was happening at the same …

Read more on the website

Coming up on the Website

Anyone who follows me - all two of you - know that I have made major changes over the years. I think this will be the format going forward. I have done a major rework in the last two months and it is similar to what I had last year.
I have this new slider on the home page that shows images in Hero mode. Gives me a chance to shout my better images yes? The plan is to build it out to about a dozen images in a similar theme and change it out once or twice a year.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Liddy and I were down to Malheur in early November. We came home with enough photos for three articles. They will post in the next weeks.

More Waves

There is one more King Tide event in January. Liddy and I will be returning to Cape Disappointment to shoot some more of the giant waves. We also plan to spend more time on Willapa Bay and the beaches. We expect there will be lots to share from that trip.

Hawaii - Utah

Both locations are on the calendar for the first half of the year. Both locations offer endless photographic opportunities.


Places is in development. The concept is to put up image galleries of the regions we visit. Still thinking about how we are going to do this.

Stay Tuned

Here's to 2021

It's gotta be better than 2020 - right!

June and I are planning to escape to Hawaii for the winter. Dave is planning another trip to Utah in April.

We plan to visit with our Canadian Family in August, but it will be here in the Seattle area. That's when Nat and Kelly are planning a bigger wedding celebration.

Somewhere in there will be a trip to Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon to visit with friends and family there.

Yep, we got plans! Get this Covid Crap outa the way!

June and I look forward to the opportunity to visit with you in 2021. Your place, our place, any place so long as we can get together and visit.

So! You! You stay safe! You stay healthy!
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