2019 Washington State Fair Complete

Well, there we have it. The Washington State Fair closes today. The end of another great production.

At the Photo Salon, we were wishing we could charge a nickle for every question about the location of the Hobby Hall. – After many years of displaying our photos on the second floor of the Pavilion, Fair directors decided we should be in the Showplex Building with the other Fine Arts. This, of course, displaced the Hobby Hall which had been where we are now. It was a location swap. The Hobby Hall is now where we were in previous years, in the Pavilion.

I think the move was a good thing. We don’t keep statistics, but I would be willing to wager that we had more visitors than last year.

I found it tiring to hang about the exhibit all day, standing on a hard concrete floor, but the time usually just flew by because of the opportunity to harass interact with the Fair Guests. I enjoyed showing off my one print along with all of the others. I also enjoyed encouraging others (you) to enter our photo competitions next year.

Bring your photos into the light!

About the image

Amusement Rides at the Fair

On my lunch hour on Friday, I took my Samsung Tablet and wandered about looking for something that would show off the fair.

While this is a very iconic shot, It is also boring.

You know, seen it a bazillion times.

As luck would have it, there was a large puddle right there.

Myself at the State Fair

I think this view is much better. Not only does it show off the Vertigo ride, I get to cast my shadow over the scene ?

But for the clean up next week, It’s a wrap!

Another Northwest Moment is in the past.

Time to move on the next one. Thanks for stopping by.

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